AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol

By victor • design, fashion, lifestyle, tech • 19 Mar 2012

Sometimes, more is more, and when it comes to self-defense two is without question better than one.  Arsenal Firearms has taken into account your need to impress those you’re about to blow away with their side-by-side twin barrel AF2011-A1.  “Pleasing, accurate, and fun”, this twin .45 caliber can be ordered with independent or synchronous hammers.  Eighteen rounds held in the duplex magazines deliver enough kill power to “knock down a bull.”  Available in gunmetal black or brushed nickel, this is a sexy accessory to keep in your gym bag — just in case.

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  1. Bill O'Brien

    Red Jacket will copy that in a year and claim it as their own if they can figure out how it was done…