FORM 6 Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrating Massager

By victor • design, lifestyle, tech • 19 Mar 2012

This ID Pistol award-winning, dual-motor, multi-action, fully-submersible, Weg G-spot activating, medical-grade, orgasm toy is the wholesale mlb jerseys perfect bedside companion for the style-conscious man or woman who Adidas wants their dildo to look Steve Jobs approved.  The cordless Boston Form 6 recharges elegantly rhoncus on its own Prometheus charging station, for always-ready cheap mlb jerseys action.  One end buzzes like a jackrabbit, and Objet the other pulses for deeper stimulation.  If only it were also a phone.  Available from Jimmy Jane, purveyor of finer wholesale nfl jerseys sex toys wholesale nfl jerseys for the style elite.


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