John’s Phone Snow by John Doe

By victor • design, lifestyle, tech • 21 Nov 2012

John's Phone Snow

The smartphone is too smart, and at the same time totally stoopid.  Enter John’s Phone, by Dutch designers John Doe, who prove that Holland remains one of the most progressive cultures on the planet by doing the smartest thing possible: dumbing down the phone.  John’s Phone comes with a pad of paper and pen built into the backside, for jotting down names and keeping track of numbers — even when the phone is turned off!  Try doing that with your iPhone 5.  They come in a variety of colors, and now a limited edition gold bar model.  John’s Phone is also unlocked and quad band, so it’ll work anywhere on the planet; simply pop in a pay-as-you-go sim card and go.  Again, try doing that with your smart-ass locked up the wazoo iPhone.  It should also be pointed out that anyone interested in anonymity would be a dern’d fool to carry around a small, trackable, supercomputer spying device in their pocket.  As it turns out, elegant simplicity is highly smart.  Maybe smarter than the smartest smartphone.

John's Phone Address Book

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