Body Jet by Marc Newson

By victor • design, lifestyle, tech • 21 Jan 2013

Body Jet by Marc Newson

All we can say is it’s about frickin’ time! A few years back designer extraordinaire Marc Newson was approached by a French (of course) aerospace company asking for him to design a stylish way to travel that we haven’t quite seen since James Bond tooled around in his chrome model circa Thunderball (seriously, guys, that was 1965!).  Finally we have the fruit of Newson’s labor, and we love it.  With a flight time of 45 minutes the plight of urban traffic (not to mention those bothersome Occupy protesters) are no longer the concern of the modern Goldman Sachs investment banker.  A patented gyroscopic control system will keep you upright and make flight as simple as buzzing around in a Segway, which is suddenly feeling so 2001 and frankly none too sexy ever since we saw Woz driving one.

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