Christopher Kane 2013 Spring-Summer Collection

By victor • fashion, lifestyle • 29 Jun 2012

Christopher Kane 2013 Spring-Summer

Good news!  2013 is totally gay!  It’s all about little, awkward Nazi/Jew youth dressed in their grandmother’s favorite South Beach textile patterns — and it’s fabulous!  The Von Trapp children’s uniform look is finally in.  Shower shoes de rigueur.

Christopher Kane 2013 Spring Summer CollectionMovie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

Embrace your inner Sean Connery circa 1965 and make that statement poolside that gets them whispering.  Chic yet practical for the outgoing lad who’s confident in his sexuality.

Christopher Kane 2013 Spring Summer Collection

Clean as a paint palette from head to toe, Christopher Kane’s 2013 Spring-Summer Collection is about neon-noir nights and hot splashes of color during the days.

Christopher Kane 2013 Spring Summer Collection

It’s formal casual fashion for the post-collapse 1% child who’s as disaffected and disillusioned as Siddhartha once was.

Christopher Kane 2013 Spring Summer Collection

14 year old girl, or neodynamic boy?  A seamless meld of the 80’s and 90’s pull asexuality into the 21st century.  Christopher Kane 2013 is all about charisma and the cash to pull it off.

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